“No Grounds” for Coffee

I have discovered a better way to make coffee.

It is always irritating when the paper filter falls over during the brewing process and you are left with coffee grounds in your coffee, making it bitter. However, those “permanent” stiff, wire-net and plastic filters just don’t filter the coffee very well and will actually leave a bitter cloud in your coffee. I need the paper filters, and I need a way to make sure they never fall over again.

Here’s what I did. I purchased a permanent filter. I discovered it fit perfectly inside a paper filter, and when inserted this way into the coffee basket, it holds the paper filter in place perfectly. However, it is difficult to rinse out and clean the screen filter on a regular basis as often as we make coffee. Therefore, I took a box cutter and cut the mesh screen out of the plastic, and it becomes an easy rinse, just like the filter basket.